San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival

Special treat for photo fans. This popped up on the San Antonio events calendar:

May 30-June 1: San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival

One of San Antonio’s best jazz festivals returns for its 12th season!  The San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival is a free, three-day event featuring an outstanding lineup of local and nationally known jazz artists, an arts & crafts fair, and delicious local foods.

I’ve been to a few of these events. There are always good opportunities for photos. Music performers, flashy instruments, crowds, exotic food delights. We made plans to go on Saturday with Nancy and Gary. In order for Shutterstock to accept my photos from the event I needed the OK of the event organizers. I contacted Anthony Tobias:

 I will attend the San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival on May 31 and will be taking photos for stock agencies.
In order for Shutterstock to use my photos from this event, they require a note from you that I am authorized to photograph the event. What is required is an e-mail from you giving this authorization. The mail should include the name of the person giving authorization plus the name and date of the event. See the following photo samples:
Send the e-mail to me, and I will forward it to the agency.

I got this back from Anthony Tobias:

If we are not mistaken stock resells these photos?. If we are mistaken please let us know>

This seemed a little strange. I began to suspect what was coming next. I explained the workings of stock agencies in case this was needed. I got this reply:

John, we understand how this works, however we have exclusive photographers and their agents that work with us already. Only these individuals and their agents are allowed press passes to take professional photos at our event.

One, we have specific rules and regulations. We have had photographers taking photo without our consent Please understand that we host 25 abused and abandoned children and we do not permit photos of these children to be taken for certain reasons. One reason is because the abusive parent maybe looking for one of these children and some photographer feels that it is just a great photo opt (A child having a good time at our Children’s VIP area). So we no longer allow outside professional photograph at our venues.

Second, please understand we pay to put on this FREE production, so we feel that it is wrong for us to pay or flip the bill and then Shuttrerstock and others charge or make money from the work that we do, so at this time we will have to pass.

In appreciation,

Mr Tobias

I’m glad that was explained to me. Most likely I do not need to elaborate. This appears to be one of those instances where the thing speaks for itself. I thanked Mr. Tobias and agreed I would not submit any of my photos to Shutterstock.

Shutterstock and other agencies require that photos of people and property be classified as “editorial” unless proper releases are provided. I would still be able to submit photos taken at the event provided there was no need for a release. A photo that does not show people or special property does not require a release. When we went on Saturday I took my camera. This sign is the first thing I encountered when I arrived at Crockett Park:


This did not leave much unsaid. I have encountered a lot of this recently. I go to a professional baseball game. No “long lenses” are allowed. I considered going to the championship motorcycle races at Austin. No video, no professional cameras allowed. I decided to wait and save my resources for a trip to the Isle of Man TT races. No such restrictions there. I have even gotten grief from park rangers. The Park Service manages the San Antonio Missions, and a ranger at one informed me that I would require a permit to take photos for sale (He is mistaken. No permit is required.)

It’s a good thing I’m not a professional photographer, because I still looked forward to coming away from the jazz festival with a card full of food and craft photos. Barbara Jean looked forward to sampling some of the great food.

That was a big oops. While there were a handful of booths hawking beer and other drinks, about the only food we saw when we got there were some popcorn and some funnel cakes. That is not what Barbara Jean had planned on. This is a woman who did not get up that day until after noon, and she had not eaten since the day before. We took a quick vote and elected to go find some food.

Here’s what we found:


It’s The Cove on Cypress Street, and the good was great. Live music, too:


We skipped the jazz festival and rounded out the day having frozen yogurt at Yogurt Zone on Bandera Road. This after an interesting stop at a car dealership. That’s a post on a different blog.

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I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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