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Review: Santa Rosa Townhouse Florence

Sketical Analysis does another service review. I do these from time to time. This blog is not only politics, religion and cutting edge science. The trip was drawing nigh, and it seemed sensible to make some hotel reservations. Barbara Jean … Continue reading

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Venice P.M.

No story here. Just an excuse to post some images. We got to Venice about noon, hiked 600 feet to the hotel, and went out for some photos. Fourth (top) floor of Hotel Nazionale. Nice view out the back. Not … Continue reading

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Florence Streets

I probably should look it up, but I think that “Florence” may be an Italian word that means “tan stucco.” Or maybe it’s just something in the city’s building codes. I’ve been here a couple of times, and I always arrived … Continue reading

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Day In Assisi

Something light again. Herein a few photos and a story as an excuse for taking them. My sister-in-law went to Assisi a few months ago and highly recommended it. We were staying four nights in Cortona, just a short trian … Continue reading

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Pisa Holiday

It’s our day off. I decided to post something light. We were trying to remember when was the last time we checked in to see about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and it turns out that was about 12 years ago, … Continue reading

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Ireland Drive-About

Another recook of a travel journal. We only went to Ireland one time. Would not mind going back. How to get the feel of Ireland in just 6 days?   Get a rent car and get out in the country.  Although … Continue reading

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Shopping Siena

UPDATE See below Surprise, there is actually some shopping in Siena. Besides the mundane, we found even high fashion. Eating plates of pasta turned out to not be our path to the world of trim. That was kind of disappointing, … Continue reading

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Wedding in Cortona

Cortona is an interesting place. It sits on top of a hill in Italian Tuscany with a wall around it, left over since the Middle Ages when walls were necessary to keep invaders out. Buildings and stuff are way quaint, … Continue reading

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Cortona, the Hill Top Town

So, Barbara Jean said we should be spending more time in Tuscany than we did the last trip about 12 years ago. She set me to working up the itinerary. The travel book recommend Cortona. Never heard of it, but … Continue reading

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Getting Acquainted With Venice

I have to say our concerns about Venice were overwrought, and you should consider this.  How, we thought, could we possibly stay in Venice.  The place is so popular and so compact, hotel accommodations will be either non-existent or else … Continue reading

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