Colorful Burano

Another post resuscitated from a previous travel story.

In the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon, the island of Burano offers a different aspect of life in Venice.  Landing at the foot of Via Marcello after a ferry boat ride from Venice brings visitors to a world of open byways, colorful houses, casual dining and art.

Burano is traditionally a fishing village, but the modern industry is lace.  Burano lace is not that obvious unless you visit the local shops or the museum.  The Museum of Burano displays Venetian and Burano lace.






The famous Casa Bepi



Apparently, houses of a different color became a popular Burano theme in times past, and this turned out to be such a tourism draw that all houses were required to adopt a harlequin motif.  A certain home owner named Bepi objected, and his response was something like, “They want color?  I give them color.”  Today Casa Bepi, the house of Bepi is a major tourism draw in itself.  Signore Bepi outdid all the others and with a magnificent flare for poor taste.  Ask about until you find a person who knows where it is and can tell you.  Here’s a time to practice your Italian.

Along the wide and open waterways of Burano are many colorful houses with more mundane schemes.  Added to the boats in the canals, the bright merchandise on sale, and the gaudily-dressed tourists, it all makes for a lively photo session.

Open air restaurants along the Fondamenta Pontinello Sinistra offer a relaxed lunch beside the water and with a wonderful view.  Expect to meet other tourists here and use the opportunity to exchange notes and offer advice.  Artists along the quay will have their works for sale.  You will note that many of them get inspiration from the very island on which you are now standing.

You get to Burano from Venice by taking the vaporetto (water bus) from Fondamenta Nuove on Venice’s north east shore.  It’s about a forty-minute ride with a stop at Murano.


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