Cortona, the Hill Top Town

So, Barbara Jean said we should be spending more time in Tuscany than we did the last trip about 12 years ago. She set me to working up the itinerary. The travel book recommend Cortona. Never heard of it, but it sounded interesting. Ancient town built on top of a hill like 2500 years ago. Still has a lot of Medieval charm. That’s where we went first.

On the street where we live, it's the definition of STEEP.

On the street where we live, it’s the definition of STEEP.

Whoever said getting there is half the fun? Get outta here! However, once there we found the place comfortable and interesting. The hotel was San Michele, and the street, via Nazoniale, is an amusement park slide. Do not drop your bowling ball here.

The town is small, smaller even than my home town of Granbury, so there’s not much to walking around it, except half the distance is up hill (the other half is down hill). Whoever said walking down hill is harder than walking up hill, get outta here!

A big plaza dominated by the Palazzo Comunale forms the focus of Cortona. Things kind or radiate out from there. The town was built at the time when fortifications were essential, and there’s a big stone wall surrounding most of the built up area. From this hilltop fortress you get a commanding view of the country side, including a view of the Collegiata di Santa Maria Nuova.



The town’s history, location and charm attract conventions and festivals, as well as tourists. Every day a slew of tour buses park outside the walls while there contents flood the streets, shops and restaurants. It’s hard to think that I will not likely be back. Too much else to see.





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