Shopping Siena

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Surprise, there is actually some shopping in Siena. Besides the mundane, we found even high fashion.

Eating plates of pasta turned out to not be our path to the world of trim. That was kind of disappointing, because Pasta is typically capitalized in Italy, and pizza is considered hors d’oeuvres. After a few rounds of our favorite Italian choices, Barbara and I figured we needed to make some corrections.

Salads in Italy are first class. It's the other courses that were killing out fitness program.

Salads in Italy are first class. It’s the other courses that were killing out fitness program.

So we headed out and stopped by the reception desk at Casa Vacanze Il Campo, where I asked “dov’e il supermercado?” Happily we were informed there was a supermarket just a few blocks away, and the hotel manager gave us a discount card to hopefully save us some money.

We headed on over, and picked up some stuff to eat for breakfast (trail mix turned out not to be a breakfast food) plus a 1.75 liter bottle of Coke Zero. We came back later and got some bread, cheese and sliced turkey breast for sandwiches.




Unfortunately we had to draw the line somewhere.

Dinner in Siena for us has now become turkey-cheese sandwiches, but that only means we can continue to accommodate a nice gelato when out for the evening.

Come evening and done with the gelato (darkest dark cioccolato I have ever experienced) we strolled the commercial district near the Piazza Campo. Barbara fancied some neat pants in a window display. She tried them and wisely decided they were for a younger market. I’m kind of thinking Barbara is not going to get out of Siena, certainly not out of Italy, without a significant acquisition of some sort. Stand by for updates.

Barbara checks out Italian fashion

Barbara checks out Italian fashion


Just when I thought I was finished with this post, we went out walking in Siena again today.

What should Barbara happen to spot? A yarn shop, of course. Here she is looking through some yarn on sale. She ended getting four skeins of gray fingering (stock) organic cotton.


Yesterday she didn’t buy the leggings. Today she found some at a better price and also more livable. She wore them out of the store.


Finally, there was a nice top she found. We can guess Barbara is going home in two weeks with full carry-on luggage.



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