Review: Bed & Breakfast degli Aranci

On reconsidering, we should have stayed four nights in Sorrento instead of three. There turned out to be more to the place than we expected. The B&B, maybe a little less.

For reasons explained elsewhere we caught a cab from the train station to the B&B. That was expensive, but possibly indispensable. The driver knew the place—it was not hard to find, being on the main street a short distance from the station, Via degli Aranci 15. But without the driver we may have never discovered a way into the place.



The driver pressed a button beside the gate to the property, but nothing appeared to happen. Then the driver smiled and left. We stood wondering. When Barbara pushed on the gate it swung open. We went in.

We went into the parking lot. We wandered around looking for the grand lobby entrance, of which there appeared to be none.


There was a door. Apparently the only door. We shouted. Somebody let us in.


We explained were were the new guests arriving that day. The man was glad to see us. He showed us up to our room. It was wonderful.


Only it was the wrong room. It was somebody else’s room. We were just getting settled in, Barbara was using the bathroom when the man came to explain the mistake. We collected our stuff and shuffled off to our actual room. It was not as nice.

It did have a balcony looking out on Via degli Aranci. The view was impressive.


There was nothing actually wrong with the room. It had a kitchenette and ample closet space. However, it was a B&B in name only. There was no actual breakfast. In place of a breakfast table, the manager brought us each morning a croissant and a cup of tea, both of which were greatly appreciated.

Getting in and out still required research. It turned out the card key they gave us for the room also opened the hall door on our floor, which fact had to be pointed out to us, since there was no obvious way to key the lock. We did receive a key, but that was for the outside entrance, which key had no effect until after we pressed the button on the side of the building near the front gate, all of which needed additional explanation. This was also the way to get out of the front gate. Getting back in the front gate involved the use of another key.

House keeping was another matter. There was house keeping every day while we were away, and Barbara found it to be most disquieting. Although we carefully latched the main window before leaving in the morning, each time we returned at the end of the day we found the window open. Not only open, but unhinged. The top hinge was pulled loose, and the entire window swung open at the top when the window was unlatched. Barbara also found it disturbing that the housekeeper would straighten up all her stuff in the bathroom, so Barbara acquired the habit of putting everything away.

My initial aversion to staying longer in Sorrento was due to an early misconception that rents would be high in this most desirable tourist spot. In fact, rents at the B&B turned out to be the least we paid on the trip. We saved the credit card surcharge by paying the manager in advance in cash, which problem was alleviated by stopping by an ATM on our first day out in Sorrento.

My recommendation: Rent it. Don’t expect too much, and you won’t be disappointed. If you decide to rent, shoot off an email to me before you head on out there. I can possibly give you some pointers.

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I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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