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2014 is so out of here!

We’re wrapping up 2014, and doing so, we’re going on the assumption that everything that’s worth talking about has already happened. So I’m dumping the previous 50 weeks of 2014 into a single post. Fact is, if anything interesting more … Continue reading

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Tamales Bash

There was music. There were crowds. There was excellent weather. There were tamales. There were tamales. I think I already said that. Vendor booths abounded. People were diligently working up food for the masses. No place to sit down. We … Continue reading

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Trains And Planes And Crawly Things

This is the fifth of the series on vacation travel. The first four installments hashed through travails of newbies in a strange land. We figured that once we got things straightened out our travel adventures would wind down. Not quite. Initially we … Continue reading

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