Talladega 1970

We went there in May. I was supposed to take some photos for Cycle News, but we made a family vacation out of it. It was the first time anybody had been to Alabama.

Here’s how the course looks today. The bikes use the banked oval and the infield course.


The main race was 17 May. Everybody was there. Rusty Bradley, Mert Lawwill, Gary Nixon, Dick Mann, Dave Aldana. Lots of good photos. I shot monochrome for Cycle News and some Kodachrome for myself. Unfortunately Cycle News didn’t return my negatives, so I don’t any of the good pics. Here are some of the Kodachrome, such as they are.

Here are some bikes in the garage area. Some really fine machinery for those days.





This should be Mert Lawwill’s Harley Davidson, since he won the championship in 1969.



I do believe this is Gary Nixon’s Triumph.


Here are some bikes in technical inspection.


Here’s Walt Fulton on his Harley.




The riders meeting was interesting. Talladega is a fast circuit with high banked turns. The big bikes can top out on the banked turns. Riders were advised that slower bikes should keep to the lower lanes on the banking. It may have been Gary Nixon who reminded everybody that this year 135 mph was slow.



And finally some track action. These are the infield turns. Some very good riders came loose here, including Nixon.

This isn’t the national championship race. That was won by Dave Aldana on a BSA. I got some good photos of the BSA from the inside of a banked turn in the infield. BSA bought a copy to advertise their victory.




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