The Devil’s Bridge

The proper name is Les Ferreres Aqueduct, but they call it  Pont del Diable, because you want to associate dissonant objects and places with the devil. It’s something the Romans built when they were here about 2000 years ago. They used Tarragona as a launching point for their conquest of Spain. It’s not in town. You’re going to need to take the bus. My guide book said to take the Sant Salvador bus at Prat de la Riba, 11. No, you don’t.


Walk on some more and take either the 5 or the 85 bus (Sant Salvador), which stops here.


It cost us 1.95 Euros each, give the driver cash. Coins are best. Make sure he knows you are going to the Pont del Diable, because after just a few stops you’re going to be in the country and sailing past your stop. The Pont del Diable stop is alongside the freeway just outside town, and you have to get off there and hoof it into the park entrance and make your way to the bridge. There’s more to see here besides the bridge, and there’s a nice snack joint on the grounds.

The outgoing stop is the only bus stop at the park. On the return trip the bus passes the park entrance with a concrete lane divider keeping you from getting to the park even if you did get off here. If you miss your stop on the way out you have to ride all the way to Sant Salvador and back and start over again.

The bridge is in wonderful shape for being 2000 years old. I can only hope I look that good in 2000 years.



Unlike the Pont du Gard we visited 11 years ago, this one lets you walk the water channel across the bridge. It’s a heady view.


You take the bus back to town at the same place you got off. It’s the same price. You will go to Sant Salvador and through all the village streets and then back down the freeway and through Tarragona streets to your original stop, which is where the bus will park and get ready for another run.

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