Alcázar de Sevilla

We finished up five days in Sevilla (otherwise known as Seville) by taking a walk through historic regions of the city. Barbara had in mind visiting this place:


From the outside the facility does not look all that impressive. Inside is a different matter. We needed to pay to get in. Nice surprise, people over 65 get in for half price. Major embarrassment: Barbara had to show her ID to get in for half price. This turned out to be 4€ for the two of us.

Inside was a sight to behold. The digs are sumptuous and a treat to the imagination. Following are a few photos of the grounds and the interior, in no particular order.



A close-up shows detail of some of the finishing touches.


Time exposures reveal the sumptuousness of some of the interior spaces.






Another time exposure taken in the royal bath area produced an interesting geometrical abstract.



It turned out to be a satisfying way to finish out our last day in Sevilla. Worth the trip.


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I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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