Finding Hotel Barceló

Sometimes I think it’s past time for us to go traveling alone. Last month we sallied forth toward a few weeks in Spain, but somebody forgot to bring the smarts. For example.

Our first stop after Madrid was Barcelona. Well-oiled machine that she is, Barbara Jean booked all the hotels in advance. And what a grand accomplishment that was, I might add. Requirements for all were two:

  • Has to be close to the train station.
  • Has to have free WiFi.

More about hotel WiFi in another post. Getting near the train station was necessary, because once in Spain all our travel was by train. At the train Barcelona Sants station Barbara Jean pulled out her Samsung tablet and brought up the saved map. The hotel was close by. We needed only go out this door and look for it. Across a wide expanse of plaza stood a gaggle of impressive-looking hotels. It had to be one of those.

We trundled our luggage across and stretched our necks. Looking. We crossed another street. Still looking. We got desperate. We stopped somebody and asked directions. Somebody who spoke English. The nice person spoke English, but she was not familiar with the area. We all looked. She said, “How about over there?” We looked.


Yes. There was the Hotel Barceló. Right on top of the train station. We quit slapping ourselves on the back regarding our mental sharpness long ago.

The trek back across the plaza to the train station was worth the hike. The room was fantastic. Please observe.





Among all, one thing stood out. We polled ourselves at the conclusion of our more than three weeks in Spain, and the result was this. We have never in our lives encountered bath towels as thick and as luxurious as these. A very comfortable stay. Less than €100 a night. Put it on your list.

About John Blanton

I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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  1. elissalynch says:

    I like your review style, John. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

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