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The Cutting Edge

This is a product review, but first you need some history. You may not actually need some history, but here it is, anyhow. My first encounter with shaving was the Navy. They insisted I be clean shaven. This despite the … Continue reading

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Barcelona Eats

One thing I like about traveling is getting out to see how other people live. And eat. American shopping tends to be boringly pre-packaged. We do have our farmer’s markets, and I have photographed some. But nobody does it here … Continue reading

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Two-Wheel Classic

When this came out in 1971 I was still deep into motorcycling. I went to all the races, taking photos, sometimes writing up results for publication. This was also the year of my last motorcycle race. Producer/director Bruce Brown followed … Continue reading

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Brutally Cold

Another Movie Review I used to work with a French guy named Gerard, and he has this fabulous DVD collection. He lent this to me, and I watched it once but never obtained a copy of my own. Now it’s on Amazon … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire Drama

I like to brag a lot about being too upstanding to ever watch television drama, but this is one I really caught onto when it came out in 1958. I would have been in my senior year in high school, … Continue reading

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Drama Without Words

I recently dumped cable TV, for the second time in my life. That opened a different world for me, and one part was the collection of odd video clips available on the Internet. I have a YouTube channel and a … Continue reading

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