Drama Without Words

I recently dumped cable TV, for the second time in my life. That opened a different world for me, and one part was the collection of odd video clips available on the Internet. I have a YouTube channel and a few of my own clips. Beyond that, YouTube is a treasure of amazing stuff.

A running theme on YouTube is its collection of police chase videos. Here is one of them, indicating from its title the events happened 23 July 2014 in Denver. It’s odd in that there is no dialog. Nobody is narrating the story as it unfolds, possibly because the sound was deleted prior to posting. I played the video on my PC and captured some screen shots to tell the story. I will attempt to interpret what I saw, image by image. Here’s the first.

The entire sequence is shot from a helicopter, opening with a view of two people in a wooded area. There is a woman—wearing shorts and a sleeveless top—and a man. They are walking, initially in coordination.


The man and the woman go their separate ways.


The camera zooms back, and we get a better view. There is a paved road running through the middle of the scene with some sort of industrial site on one side of the road and the hikers on the other side. The man is approaching the road.


We can now see the man is carrying two weapons—an assault rifle of some sort and a pistol.


The man makes his way down the embankment toward the road. He’s slipping and sliding as he descends, holding his weapons in each hand.


He darts across the road toward the industrial site.


Once in the parking lot, the man checks out two dump trucks. He enters the cabs, apparently looking to take the trucks.


He has no success taking a truck.


He exits the facility, skirting around a very tall retaining wall on one side.


Zooming back again, we see roads behind the industrial site. These roads lead to some nearby houses. The man heads toward the houses.


Meanwhile, what appears to be a police official, assists the woman as she makes her way down to the road.


The man heads toward a house. There is a pickup truck parked in the driveway.


The man heads to the pickup and checks inside. Apparently he does not find any keys left inside.


He gives up on the truck and walks away from the house. Then he stops and turns back toward the house.


He approaches the door, under the deck on the left side in the picture and disappears inside. The camera zooms back, and for a few seconds we just see the house.


Suddenly the garage door erupts as an SUV backs through it and into the driveway.


Apparently the man has taken the SUV that was parked in the garage. He now heads out onto a dirt road.


But he’s taken the wrong road. It’s a nothing road, here in the middle of the shot, that leads to nowhere. You can just make out the SUV moving up screen along the dirt road.


It’s the end of the line. The road runs out, and there is nowhere to go.


The man abandons the stolen SUV and makes his way toward a divided highway.


Reaching the highway, the man, brandishing his weapons, stands in the outside traffic lane and forces a motorists to stop. As he approaches the car, the driver hits the gas and speeds away.


Stranded beside the road and with police closing in, the man puts down his weapons and assumes the position.


What appears to be a highway patrolman confronts the man, leaving no uncertainty as to who is in charge.


Oops! The man attempts to escape the patrolman’s grasp and tries to high jack another car. No good. The cop has him on the pavement. A driver gets out to assist.


The cop has the mans head and shoulders, but nobody has hold of his feet.


The driver jumps in and pins the mans legs.


Other drivers stop and get involved. More police converge. It’s all over. And nobody has said a word.


It’s a little drama played out in the USA, as the world watches.

About John Blanton

I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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