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Remembering An Old Friend

Updated Twenty¬†years ago we lived at this place on Silent Oak in Farmers Branch. Prior to that we lived in another house in the section right next to this, on Pin Oak Court. Our neighbor was Ernie Ludwick, and he … Continue reading

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Weather Tech

If you can’t do anything about the weather, at least you can keep informed. I saw one of these at Home Depot, and it was enticing. Maybe a bit pricey. Amazon had it cheaper. It’s La Crosse Technology S88907 weather … Continue reading

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The Man Who Saved The Union

Last year, on the 150th anniversary of the conclusion of the Civil War, I reviewed Jay Winik’s book April 1865. Winik recounts the events leading to the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, in April 1865. The book … Continue reading

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The Bird House

Readers will recall… OK, maybe they won’t recall, but a few years ago my grandson John gave me a birdhouse for a present: I put it up on the back yard fence and waited for some action. No birds came … Continue reading

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Hail Tragedy of 2016

UPDATED The hail storm that struck our house on the night of 12 April 2016 seemed like a mortar attack, especially to anybody upstairs, right under the bombardment. We gathered a few outsized hail stones (see the photo), and in … Continue reading

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