Weather Tech

If you can’t do anything about the weather, at least you can keep informed.


I saw one of these at Home Depot, and it was enticing. Maybe a bit pricey. Amazon had it cheaper. It’s La Crosse Technology S88907 weather station with wireless remote sensor. Here’s how it works.

The indoor unit hangs on the wall and plugs in to an electrical outlet for power. There’s battery backup (3 AAA), so it doesn’t lose its memory when there’s a power glitch. Or when you want to move it to a different location. It will also stand alone on a table or shelf when you fold out the support. I put mine on the wall in the laundry room. See the image above.

The outside remote is about the size of a small cell phone, and you hang it in some place protected from the weather. I have mine under the overhang on my back porch. It requires battery power (2 AAA), and it keeps in touch with the indoor unit by way of a radio link.

Here’s what the S88907 does:

  • Both units measure temperature and relative humidity, displayed on the indoor unit.
  • The indoor unit keeps track of temperature measurements (indoor and outdoor) and at the touch of a button will display today’s maximum or minimum.
  • Daily maxima and minima are reset at midnight.
  • Time is kept by a signal from WWV, but this unit required that I set the clock to begin with. The antenna icon shows when the unit is receiving the WWV signal.
  • American time zones are available, as well as optional time display formats and dealing with daylight savings time changes.
  • Barometric pressure is measured but not displayed. The indoor unit tracks day to day changes in the barometric pressure and displays the trend. See the image.
  • Also, temperature and humidity trends are displayed, up or down.
  • Facility is provided for temperature alerts. This requires some extra setup.
  • Battery-low alerts will display when it’s getting time to change batteries. If you leave the indoor unit plugged in when you change batteries you don’t have to go through the setup again.

The display is large and bright. Brightness can be adjusted and turned off. Here is a user manual.

Final recommendation

Worth having around. Saves going outside to see if you’re going to need a coat. The unit and its garish display are not going to fit in with your Victorian decor. Find an out of the way place, such as your computer room. Or the laundry room.


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