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Crashing 2016

We didn’t wait for 2016 to come to us. We lurched into 2016 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Entering another time zone, one moment it was 1142 on 31 December, the next it was 0042 on 1 January. We landed … Continue reading

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Audacious Science

Bucket list, – 1. It was time to go to see something I had wanted to see since 1963. And here it is. At the time it was constructed, the radio astronomy reflector at Arecibo in Puerto Rico was the … Continue reading

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El Morro in San Juan

It’s the second time we’ve been here. It’s El Morro, the historic Spanish fort on the northern tip of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Here are some photos in no particular order. It’s a walk out a narrow strip of … Continue reading

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Latin Star Puerto Rico

Just around the corner… Actually, just around the corner and around the corner again from where we are staying is the Latin Star, on Avenida Ashburn. Talk about local flavor, this place has it. Barbara Jean and I broke out … Continue reading

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Viejo San Juan

It’s the original section, still exhibiting traces of a 500-year history. Some photos. Streets in the old town remind you of some places you might see in Europe. Cristo¬†street is closed to auto traffic and supports a thriving open-air caf√© … Continue reading

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