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The Bad Movie Wednesday is a good place to review those out of the way productions that may not have caught your attention and are worth a view. Or not. This is Bound to Vengeance, and the title is suggestive, once you get into the plot. It features bondage and vengeance. This came out in 2015, and it does not feature any actors I am acquainted with, but here is the cast from Wikipedia:

  • Tina Ivlev as Eve
  • Richard Tyson¬†as Phil
  • Bianca Malinowski as Lea
  • Kristoffer Kjornes as Ronnie (as Kris Kjornes)
  • Dustin Quick as Laura
  • Stephanie Charles as Nina

Before the title sequence rolls we see Eve hamming for somebody’s video camera. She is just 21, and sexy as all getout. New love is apparent, and there is a lot flirtation going back and forth. If you are familiar with this plot feature you will recognize something menacing in the manner of her boyfriend, Ronnie, behind the camera.

Then everything goes black, and the titles scroll.

We see feet walking into a a rented storage space, and a man starts up a van and drives out. This is obviously Los Angeles from the scenery. Outside the city the terrain turns to desert, and the van stops at a house at the end of a dirt road.

Next we see the man cutting up vegetables and making soup. He takes the soup to the woman he is holding prisoner in the basement.

It’s Eve, and she is bound by a chain attached to her ankle. She lies on a filthy bed. The man is Phil, and is apologetic. He encourages her to eat the soup, because he has made it the way she said she wanted it.

Then Eve turns the tables. She grasps a block of stone and clubs Phil senseless. She snatches his keys, frees herself, and chains up Phil. Then she makes her break. To nowhere. There is nothing all around but nothing. Eve has no idea where to go. She goes back into the house, finds Phil’s revolver, and loads it. Then she returns to Phil in the basement and threatens him with the pistol.

Phil now takes the advantage. He warns Eve there are others, and the others will die if Phil does not come around to take care of them. Eve is reluctant to kill Phil.

Eve has searched the house and has found the photos of the other women.

She concocts a noose, and uses it to control Phil. She forces him to take her to the other women. But the results are not as expected.

They come to a house where Nina is being held prisoner. But when she frees Nina, Nina becomes panicked and dashes from the house, falling and impaling herself on a fence. She dies. At the next house Laura has gone mad and attacks Eve when freed. Eve is forced to kill Laura to save herself. At the third house Eve convinces Lea to calm down and to cooperate. Two men enter, expecting sex with the captive Laura. Eve kills both of them, leaving one to bleed out after she and Laura leave.

The two team up to force Phil to reveal the location of a warehouse with other captive women. Eve goes away with Phil, leaving Lea to get the police to the warehouse.

In the meantime Phil has been taunting Eve about her boyfriend Ronnie. Ronnie is complicit. It is revealed that Eve’s sister Dylan was also held captive in the desert house and is now dead. Eve forces Phil to take her to Ronnie. Eve enters the house alone. It is not Ronnie’s house, but Ronnie is there. Eve menaces him with the pistol, but Ronnie claims he has been searching for Eve these past six months. Eve figures he is lying and forces him to open the door behind him, revealing yet another woman prisoner. We see Eve asking Ronnie one last question.

Out in the van Phil sees six muzzle flashes inside the house in rapid succession. Eve is done with Ronnie. The answer that Eve coerced from Ronnie was Phil’s address. By now the awful night is over, and the sun is up. Eve hurls Phil to the floor of his front porch and rings the doorbell. Phil’s wife puts on her bathrobe and goes to the door. The camera pans to family portraits of Phil and his wife and little girl.

Eve starts to leave, and Phil’s daughter starts to close the door. Eve pushes it open.

We never know what Eve does at that point, but we see her walking down the street, spattered with blood.

People are left wondering how Eve makes out with the police, having killed a number of people.

Yeah, if you are like me you are wondering why Eve didn’t just leave it all up to the police. Once she had Phil by the throat and in his van, all that was needed was flag down the first patrol car and turn the sordid business over to the law. Most likely they would have convinced Phil he needed to lead them to the remaining women. But this story needed a plot.

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