Take the last train from Strasbourg…

And I’ll meet you at the station.

Yeah, I don’t think those are the actual words. Nevertheless, on Monday we went to Strasbourg, and we took the train. It’s maybe 40 miles as the crow flies from Freiburg in Germany to Strasbourg in France, but if the crow needs to take a train, then the way to get to Strasbourg from Freiburg is to take a couple of trains. The first train is nothing to write home about, but the other train is something else.

You get off your Freiburg train at the Offenburg station, look around, and there’s your train to Strasbourg. Yes, there it is, shown here parked at its stopping place in Strasbourg. It’s a two-car diesel contraption that runs every thirty minutes, apparently two trains running opposing shuttle schedules. The shuttle train’s stature in the world of trains hierarchy is underwritten by its parking space, a piece of track that ends in a clump of weeds at the far end of the Strasbourg station. It takes thirty minutes to make the 15-mile run, occasionally making stops to drop off and pick up passengers at isolated platforms out in the boondocks.

Anyhow, you do know when you have arrived at Strasbourg.

You need to take your camera, because photo shoots come early and fast. Fast once you get past the inevitable McDonald’s across the street from the station. Here is what is likely Notre Dame du Strasbourg.

Hey! Strasbourg really is a tourist destination. In the square around the cathedral you quickly spot the standard tour train.

The first thing we wanted to find was some kind of tourist information center, and we followed the signs. We were about to give up on our search when we looked up. There it was.

Strasbourg is on the Rhine, the border with Germany, but that still does not explain the network of waterways that lace part of the old town. It all makes for some great photo opportunities.

We found a walkway along one of these water sites, and I got this shot of Barbara Jean transiting a tunnel beneath a city street.

Tourist boats make a living along these water routes.

People live here. Imagine waking up each morning and having this for your front view.

And dining, as well. Barbara Jean finds something she likes on a menu.

And the dining is laid back and rewarding. But, want a draft brew, it’s going to be a Heineken.

We went to Canada last month, and workers there were laid to getting in street repairs while the weather held. Much the same seems to be going on in Strasbourg.

More boats, more tourists.

Better view of the cathedral.

Street artists working with chalk.

Barbara was looking for some healthy bread, and she found a place. We finished off the bread two days later.

Back to the Strasbourg station and back on the cross-Rhine shuttle to Offenburg.

Another place we may never see again.

About John Blanton

I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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