Water, water, and all the boards did shrink.

Further Adventures in Italy

So we arrived in Venice this month and hiked almost immediately to see the San Marco Cathedral. And I told Barbara, stand over there because I want a photo of you standing there, completely dry. That’s unlike when we were here last, five years ago, when we got our feet wet.

Even so, she complained about the weather. Why did we pick to come here in November, when it’s going to rain almost every day? Turns out there was not much rain while we were in Venice. We should have waited a few days. CNN has the news.

Barbara, see what we missed.

About John Blanton

I'm a retired engineer living in San Antonio, Texas. I have served in the Navy, raced motorcycles, taken scads of photos and am usually a nice guy. I have political and religious opinions, and these opinions tend to be driven by an excess of observed stupidity. Gross stupidity is the supposed target of many of my posts.
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