Bad Movie of the Week

Number 27 of a series

An irresistible force drew me to Amazon Prime Video in the hunt for a bad movie review. This one jumped right out. The title shouts “bad movie.” It’s The Horror of Party Beach.

Right there you have half the plot. There is going to be a bunch of wild and sex-driven teenagers cavorting about on the sand, and a menace is going to come out of the sea. There is no need to recap the plot. Wikipedia has an excellent synopsis. Here are some screen shots along with comment.

As the title sequence rolls the theme becomes apparent. Hank and his ditsy girlfriend Tina are going to the beach party. A low rent version of the Beach Boys provides the background music. Tina flirts with a motorcycle gang. There is going to be trouble. Sexy young teenage girls and motorcycle gangs do not mix well. As it turns out that is not going to be the horror of party beach.

Hank and Tina have a falling out. She wants to drink, and she goes off to flirt with all the guys while Hank hooks up with Elaine, daughter of his boss, Dr. Gavin. Hank is interested in science.

Meanwhile a local business prepares to dump radioactive waste into the bay. We know it’s radioactive waste, because the white metal drum is labeled “RADIOACTIVE WASTE” in black stenciled lettering. What could possibly go wrong?

You guessed it. Immediately upon settling on the ocean floor, the drum springs its fill cap. Ugly, black radioactive waste pours forth.

It envelops human skeletons from an ancient shipwreck on the bottom. As time progresses the skull begins to transmogrify into a hideous sea creature.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon in no way compares.

Meanwhile, the party heats up. We see sexy teenage bodies gyrating to the music.

The Beach Boys stand-in sets the tone.

The biker gang arrives. Tina flirts with the leader of the pack.

Hank and the biker go to fisticuffs. It’s declared a draw, and the two reconcile. Tina, miffed, strips down and goes for a swim out to the jetty. Cue that John Williams shark score.

Actually, it turns out there are two creatures, but we see only one climb onto the jetty to menace Tina.

There is a scream when Tina’s mutilated body washes up on the beach.

The community becomes alarmed. Dr. Gavin’s housekeeper Eulabelle expresses alarm.

Despite the menace, life goes on. We see a bevy of teenage girls having a slumber party. What could possibly go wrong? Twenty plus sexy teenage girls alone at night with horrible sea creatures lurking about. We see two creatures stalk the house full of helpless girls before crashing in and plowing into the mass of bodies. There are screams and blood to last a lifetime, or at least until the next beach party.

The news of twenty girls killed at a slumber party gets around. Three adventuresome young women make a stop while driving to New York. They inquire about the sea monsters while flirting with the attendant. They never make it to New York.

Two vulnerable young women leave work. Their manager cautions them to go straight home. Of course, they encounter the sea creatures.

Eulabelle, distraught, comes into Dr. Gavin’s lab for comfort. The incident with the women in the car has left behind the lower arm of a sea creature. Eulabelle knocks over a beaker containing some sodium. The highly reactive metal disintegrates the partial arm. That’s the secret. That’s what it takes to defeat the sea creatures.

The plot winds down. Elaine encounters the two creatures along a rocky stretch of coastline. They sense easy prey and wade ashore. Hank arrives in time with a supply of sodium, and the menace is eliminated.

And that’s the end of the movie, with the rock band playing at another beach party.

Hopefully I have not spent this coin prematurely. There may be nothing left to top it. Wikipedia notes this “is considered to be one of the worst films of all time.”

Yes, this is not Malibu Beach. This is likely Connecticut. The rock group is The Del-Aires. The “Charter Oak Motorcycle Club of Riverside, Connecticut” is the movie’s motorcycle gang.

As in movies produced before about 1970 the only black role is a domestic servant, Eulabelle.

Next up, Invasion of the Animal People.

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