Bad Movie of the Week

Number 45 of a series

When I think Amazon Prime Video has reached the bottom, they give it their all, and they dig deeper. Another time, another year I might have told you, “This is it. We can’t go any lower.” I no longer have that confidence. This movie has destroyed my arrogance. From 1957 this is The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy. Remember, I watch these so you won’t have to. Details are courtesy of Wikipedia.

Look, I’m not going to waste time with the plot details. You can watch this for free on YouTube. I’m placing the link below.

This one is from Mexico with the original title La Momia Azteca contra el Robot Humano. Just to give the Aztec setting, the opening sequence shows some archaeology. We are told this is a tale based on fact and some fiction. Sworn witnesses, attested by notarized statements give assurance the story is true.

Dr. Almada and his lovely wife Sepulveda welcome guests into their home. The guests are colleagues, and Dr. Almada recounts what went before. He previously presented a paper at a conference detailing his exploration of history using past life regression. His presentation was derided by those at the conference, and he left, embittered. Imagine that. They didn’t believe in past life regression.

Now they have to believe him. He hypnotized his wife, an Aztec descendant, and she recounted the death of Princess Xochitl. The princess had prepared her life, remaining sexually pure so she could be sacrificed as a virgin. But biology intervened. She developed a romantic longing for an Aztec warrior.

Before the pairing could be consummated, the two were found out, and her warrior lover was executed by being buried alive. She was placed on the alter, and her pure heart was cut out.

Now we get to the matter of the gold breast plate what was placed on her body, along with a golden bracelet. Using Sepulveda’s memories of her past life, Dr. Almada and his colleagues penetrate the Aztec tomb and locate the golden artifacts.

We see Sepulveda subsequently taken back and placed on the alter, where the mummified warrior comes to her rescue.

We see the evil Dr. Krupp, his eye on getting the artifacts for himself. He takes hostages and forces (I’m guessing) Dr. Almada to decipher a hieroglyphics to reveal the location of the gold. That done, Dr. Krupp orders his gunnies to dispense with the hostages.

Just then the Aztec warrior bursts in and defeats the gunmen. Their bullets can’t kill him.

Sepulveda is asleep when Krupp commands her telepathically to leave the house and lead them to the treasure. At the tomb site they encounter the grounds keeper.

Later Sepulveda returns to her bed, unaware of what has happened. The next day Dr. Almada figures something is afoot. He nightgown and her house slippers have mud on them. Besides, one of her children attests she was not in her bed all night. They have her lead them back to the tomb. There the grounds keeper affirms strangers were there.

Krupp has a devious plan. He has spent years without letup developing a humanoid robot.

The robot will defeat the Aztec mummy.

But, no. The Aztec is not to be defeated, and Krupp’s plan fails.

And that is the end of The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy.

Here, watch it on YouTube. Running time is 65 minutes.

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