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The Perils of Publishing

Full disclosure: the author is a member of my extended family. Dawn is not a seasoned author, having first published eight years ago. However, this book reveals deep insight into the publishing process. You have written a book. What do … Continue reading

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Women Who Won the War

Liza Mundy “is an American journalist, non-fiction writer, and fellow at New America Foundation,” and she has deeply researched a matter that had to lie sealed for decades. She has abundantly put to light a crucial course of events from 75 years … Continue reading

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Southern Exposure

John Grisham conceived his first novel after watching the testimony of a 12-year-old girl who had been raped. A Time to Kill was a long time finding a publisher and was not initially successful. Other of his works found greater … Continue reading

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Paris Sera Toujours Paris

I first came here 20 years ago this month. It was a revelation. Barbara Jean and I walked the boulevards, dined at the sidewalk cafés, ogled the museums, saw the famous sites, took the famous photos. Good memories. Then the … Continue reading

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American Icon

This was 22 years ago. We were sitting around an upscale living room in  Plano, Texas. The local school district was suffering under a board member who wanted to include the creationist book Of Pandas And People in the science … Continue reading

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Bloody Sunday

To understand the Battle of Waterloo you need to know some background. Napoleon Bonaparte obtained his early military experience during the French Revolution with fighting on his home island of Corsica. He rose through his successful military exploits in the … Continue reading

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The Man Who Knew Too Much

G.K. Chesterton from Wikipedia Alfred Hitchcock directed The Man Who Knew Too Much, which was released in 1934 and featured the diabolical Peter Lorre. Hitchcock reprised the theme 22 years later, this time without Lorre, but with James Stewart and … Continue reading

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