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El Morro in San Juan

It’s the second time we’ve been here. It’s El Morro, the historic Spanish fort on the northern tip of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Here are some photos in no particular order. It’s a walk out a narrow strip of … Continue reading

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Viejo San Juan

It’s the original section, still exhibiting traces of a 500-year history. Some photos. Streets in the old town remind you of some places you might see in Europe. Cristo street is closed to auto traffic and supports a thriving open-air café … Continue reading

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Remembering An Old Friend

Updated Twenty years ago we lived at this place on Silent Oak in Farmers Branch. Prior to that we lived in another house in the section right next to this, on Pin Oak Court. Our neighbor was Ernie Ludwick, and he … Continue reading

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The Man Who Saved The Union

Last year, on the 150th anniversary of the conclusion of the Civil War, I reviewed Jay Winik’s book April 1865. Winik recounts the events leading to the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, in April 1865. The book … Continue reading

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Alcázar de Sevilla

We finished up five days in Sevilla (otherwise known as Seville) by taking a walk through historic regions of the city. Barbara had in mind visiting this place: From the outside the facility does not look all that impressive. Inside … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Bridge

The proper name is Les Ferreres Aqueduct, but they call it  Pont del Diable, because you want to associate dissonant objects and places with the devil. It’s something the Romans built when they were here about 2000 years ago. They used Tarragona … Continue reading

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Fiesole and Italian Origins

Florence may be the cultural heart of Italian Tuscany, but Fiesole is the soul.  Round out your visit to Florence with a day at this historic town. The Etruscan culture is one of the oldest in Italy, and the settlers … Continue reading

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