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Crashing 2016

We didn’t wait for 2016 to come to us. We lurched into 2016 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Entering another time zone, one moment it was 1142 on 31 December, the next it was 0042 on 1 January. We landed … Continue reading

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Barcelona Eats

One thing I like about traveling is getting out to see how other people live. And eat. American shopping tends to be boringly pre-packaged. We do have our farmer’s markets, and I have photographed some. But nobody does it here … Continue reading

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Finding Hotel Barceló

Sometimes I think it’s past time for us to go traveling alone. Last month we sallied forth toward a few weeks in Spain, but somebody forgot to bring the smarts. For example. Our first stop after Madrid was Barcelona. Well-oiled machine that … Continue reading

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Barcelona Heat

Last afternoon in Barcelona we went out to the pier again. Places to eat and also free bathrooms. Great weather. Getting back was another matter. As we started for the shore the harbor erupted in a great commotion. A tall … Continue reading

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Strolling La Rambla

It’s the most famous street in Barcelona, likely in all of Spain. It’s La Rambla, and we headed there Sunday as soon as we finally got caught up on our sleep. Much as I dislike Spanish subways, the Metro turned out … Continue reading

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