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Wednesday Bad Movie

Number 52 of a series This is a German film, streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Dialog is in German (except for some Russian), so you need to read the subtitles. It’s Downfall (German Untergang) from 2004, and it’s about the … Continue reading

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Wash & Art in Freiburg

Another travel story Halfway into our month in Europe, and I figured I needed to do some laundry. Google to the rescue. A short walk from our hotel in Freiburg was Wash & Art on Wilhemstrasse. It was Saturday and … Continue reading

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Belgium All Bran

So we are going to Europe for a month, just knocking around, visiting places we never saw before. And Barbara is saying she needs to pack on a load of Kellogg’s All Bran, because that what it takes to keep … Continue reading

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Cologne Tragedy

Further adventures of clueless travelers in Europe. The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley,     – Robert Burns Yeah, we figured that out early on in our European trip. Some details: The plan was to … Continue reading

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Ferry to Denmark

A Continuing Adventure So we arrived in Hamburg in Germany, and checked into our hotel. We knew we needed to go to Copenhagen on Sunday, because we had a hotel reservation, so we went to the train station to get … Continue reading

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Take the last train from Strasbourg…

And I’ll meet you at the station. Yeah, I don’t think those are the actual words. Nevertheless, on Monday we went to Strasbourg, and we took the train. It’s maybe 40 miles as the crow flies from Freiburg in Germany … Continue reading

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Freiburg Day Off

The idea was to spend some time in Germany, which we had never visited before. And we had a few weeks to spare. I figured some out of the way places, and Barbara was keen seeing the Black Forest region. … Continue reading

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