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Wednesday Bad Movie

Number 52 of a series This is a German film, streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Dialog is in German (except for some Russian), so you need to read the subtitles. It’s Downfall (German Untergang) from 2004, and it’s about the … Continue reading

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Flat Out

This is from 1969—49 years ago. Back when I lived in Austin there was a lot of motorcycle activity going on. Near Manor, Texas, a horse race track named Manor Downs doubled as a flat track venue. One of the … Continue reading

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Places We Will Never Go Again – Chenonceau Château

There are many places well worth a visit but you know you will never go back again. This is the fabulous Chenonceau Château in the French Loire Valley. It’s best to go here by train from Tours. Get your tickets … Continue reading

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Bloody Sunday

To understand the Battle of Waterloo you need to know some background. Napoleon Bonaparte obtained his early military experience during the French Revolution with fighting on his home island of Corsica. He rose through his successful military exploits in the … Continue reading

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Tragic Ground

Until summer in 1863 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was a sleepy crossroads town. Then Confederate General Robert E. Lee moved his Army of Northern Virginia across the Mason-Dixon Line into Union territory. Union soldiers on patrol encountered Confederate troops west of the town, and … Continue reading

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The Man Who Saved The Union

Last year, on the 150th anniversary of the conclusion of the Civil War, I reviewed Jay Winik’s book April 1865. Winik recounts the events leading to the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, in April 1865. The book … Continue reading

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