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Flat Out

This is from 1969—49 years ago. Back when I lived in Austin there was a lot of motorcycle activity going on. Near Manor, Texas, a horse race track named Manor Downs doubled as a flat track venue. One of the … Continue reading

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1972 Austin Aqua Festival

They started having sports car races during the annual Austin Aqua Festival about 1963. I went there in 1964, and by 1968 we convinced the organization to include motorcycle races, as well. In the summer of 1972, just before we … Continue reading

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Talladega 1970

We went there in May. I was supposed to take some photos for Cycle News, but we made a family vacation out of it. It was the first time anybody had been to Alabama. Here’s how the course looks today. … Continue reading

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Bonneville Salt Flats

Seven years ago I was out in Salt Lake City on a contract, and I realized that Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats was coming up. The course is only a hundred or so miles west on Interstate 80, so … Continue reading

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Evel Knievel at Green Valley

As promised in a previous post, here are some photos from 1973. This was the do-or-die shot I mentioned before. Cycle News asked me to cover the event and get some shots. I knew the big shot would be the jump, … Continue reading

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Bob Gill at Green Valley

I dread assignments like this. Actually, this was not an assigned shoot, but the following year I did one when Evel Knievel came to do an exhibition jump, which was supposed to be the warm-up for his famous Snake River … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Drags

This was May 1972 at Green Valley Raceway near Fort Worth. I’m usually not into drag races. They are all or nothing in just a few seconds. Lots of sound and fury, then the fun is over until the next … Continue reading

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