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Brussels Photo Gallery

My thinking was Brussels would be like going to Dallas, but flatter. It turns out Dallas needs to loosen up if it’s going to challenge Brussels for excitement. Here are some photos collected one day during a walk about. Buying … Continue reading

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Barcelona Eats

One thing I like about traveling is getting out to see how other people live. And eat. American shopping tends to be boringly pre-packaged. We do have our farmer’s markets, and I have photographed some. But nobody does it here … Continue reading

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The Masks of Venice

For no other reason than to put up some vacation photos. Did I mention the weather in Venice at the end of September was absolutely stunning? No better could be spent of our time in the evening but strolling the … Continue reading

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Shopping Siena

UPDATE See below Surprise, there is actually some shopping in Siena. Besides the mundane, we found even high fashion. Eating plates of pasta turned out to not be our path to the world of trim. That was kind of disappointing, … Continue reading

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