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Crashing 2016

We didn’t wait for 2016 to come to us. We lurched into 2016 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Entering another time zone, one moment it was 1142 on 31 December, the next it was 0042 on 1 January. We landed … Continue reading

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El Morro in San Juan

It’s the second time we’ve been here. It’s El Morro, the historic Spanish fort on the northern tip of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Here are some photos in no particular order. It’s a walk out a narrow strip of … Continue reading

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Barcelona Eats

One thing I like about traveling is getting out to see how other people live. And eat. American shopping tends to be boringly pre-packaged. We do have our farmer’s markets, and I have photographed some. But nobody does it here … Continue reading

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Picasso’s Guernica

We saved two days at the end of our trip for Madrid. We figured to see the Prado museum on Saturday, and save the Museo Reina Sofía for Sunday. Good choice. It turned out we got in free. Talk about convenient—the Reina … Continue reading

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Spain at Night

Part of the Fun in Spain collection I take a Canon digital SLR camera with me when I travel, and one thing I like to do is take advantage of its extended auto-exposure capabilities. I will set the camera on … Continue reading

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La Catedral de Córdoba

Part of the Fun in Spain collection Neither of us had ever been to Córdoba, and we had no idea what to expect. We went to Córdoba mainly because it is in the region we wanted to travel, and it was a major … Continue reading

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Finding Hotel Barceló

Sometimes I think it’s past time for us to go traveling alone. Last month we sallied forth toward a few weeks in Spain, but somebody forgot to bring the smarts. For example. Our first stop after Madrid was Barcelona. Well-oiled machine that … Continue reading

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Alcázar de Sevilla

We finished up five days in Sevilla (otherwise known as Seville) by taking a walk through historic regions of the city. Barbara had in mind visiting this place: From the outside the facility does not look all that impressive. Inside … Continue reading

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Largo al Factotum

I had to do this. It may be my very last chance. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKDXr_fimQ8 BTW, this is on Avenida Kansas City.

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Eight Hours In Cádiz

On this trip Sevilla was planned for the last stop before heading back. We saved big dough by delaying our return until Monday the following week, so Sevilla was stretched to a five-day stay. There’s not all that much in … Continue reading

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